Our Philosophy

Living can be simple and uncomplicated.

Oftentimes we find it frustrating to manage our engagements, our interests, our schedules and our interactions. We are not informed about happenings around us, in our Club, our SPA, our Fitness Centres! Why should that be the case with all the technology available?

For the customer, FRIDAY.LIFE is so he can be in control of his life. With FRIDAY.LIFE he should be able to manage his daily living easily and effortlessly with his mobile. We aim for FRIDAY.LIFE to be less, not more; be as non-intrusive as possible. We will use all technology available to make this possible.

At the same time, businesses are empowered to own and manage their members end to end. Imagine operations automated, only relevant communications, providing that "delightful" experience again and again. Businesses are able to fine tune their growth strategies based on in-depth customer understanding.

FRIDAY aims to do all that and more.