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You think of starting a new business – a small business after your heart. Be it a sports club, or a home tuition center, or a yoga center. You do the math – rentals, equipment, trainers, staff, interiors. The business is sustainable if you got a certain no of members and they continue to stay with you.

You are confident that you can make a difference to the members, you are confident of the quality are you are delivering, you are excited and you take on the dream.

Open centre!!

You spread the word, your friends are spreading the word. Membership builds and your center is starting to take off. Then it hits you – the operations is killing.

You have to maintain multiple excel spreadsheets, WhatsApp groups, multiple google calendars, constant reminders to members about classes – the last-minute cancellations. No one is responsible. You are sucked into the payment collections, staff management and scheduling. This is more than a full-time role – but you can’t hire to keep costs in control.

Where is the time to grow, or think of members and their needs!!

Wouldn’t it be a delight if you could firstly organize your members and your offerings, then automate the operations – all scheduling and payments?

FRIDAY. LIFE – a complete plug and play member engagement platform.

With FRIDAY, your members are connected to you on the mobile – you have real estate on the member’s mobile phone for you manage them end to end – broadcasts, feedback, class scheduling, groups, payments. You can cross sell, promote and re-engage them when their package ends.

Your coaches/trainers have their own calendars managed on their mobile phone.

You have just organized and automated your business. How powerful is that?

Now unencumbered by the load of operations, you can focus on growth, making a difference and living your dream!!


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