You think of starting a new business – a small business after your heart. Be it a sports club, or a home tuition center, or a yoga center. You do the math – rentals, equipment, trainers, staff, interiors. The business is sustainable if you got a certain no of members and they continue to stay with you....[]


Sommerville Park is an upscale condominium in the heart of SIngapore; with more than 450 units. The management's biggest frustration was not being able to communicate to the residents via circulars/emails. Facility scheduling/operations was just too all consuming. No organized tracking and closing of feedback.....[]

Customer Xperience – are you stuck?

Am sure all of us wonder about how challenging our daily lives are in many ways?

  • Your son’s soccer tournament; your daughter’s progress in tennis
  • Your favorite band playing nearby in the pub