Connected Community



MANAGEMENT - Legacy Systems and escalating costs/manpower

  • No organized database of residents
  • Too much time wasted in operational follow up
  • Resident engagement: tough with telephones, emails and hardcopy notebooks
  • Feedback and communications to residents messy and uncoordinated
  • Frustrating Facility Management - sports, scheduling tough; booking management manual/ web based

RESIDENTS - no sense of community, frustrating legacy systems

  • No information about happenings in the Condo
  • Technology available and still have no control of schedules
  • Interest groups make use of WhatsApp, Facebook very inconvenient
  • Feedback tough and no follow up


Condo Organized

Database of Residents Managed
Facility House Rules Rationalized

Management Council/Managing Agent Delighted

Operations Automated
Broadcasts and Feedback easy
Can focus on aspects that matter

End to End Tracking

Usage of Facilities

Analytics and Reports

Enables understanding of usage
Fine tune House Rules

Residents Delighted

Mobile App easy and intuitive
Form part of informed community
Residents fully in control

Residents part of Community

Informed about Activities in Condo
Living is easy
More productive


Elise van Stolk, Resident

Sommerville Park

Nita Jhaveri, Council Member of Management Committee

Sommerville Park

Elise van Stolk, Resident,

Sommerville Park

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