Cost Effective pricing

Offering Includes

Set Up / Installation

  • Staff size
  • Nature of Offerings
  • Rules

Monthly SAAS Payments

  • Choice of Engagement Functionalities
  • No of members
  • Mobile App free


  • Unique Requirements

Offering Includes


The Admin Portal and Member’s Mobile App

  • Organizing member's database
  • Complete automatic management of booking
  • Unlimited free downloads of the mobile app for members
  • Updates of features and functionalities of the platform on ongoing basis.



  • Implementation, training and handover to business.
  • Hosting and support - telephonic for the first month.
  • Data stored for six months on the cloud


Engagement Consulting

  • Partner with the business on best engagement practices of members
  • Support the business with solving problems for smooth engagement

Plug and play Platform

Hosting & Security

Server hosted in AWS
mLab Running on SaaS model
Secure 24/7 management

Data Integrity

Accurate and consistent data
Encrypted data
Secure from outside world


Application and Data stored in AWS
Multiple levels of security
Cloud based


Reports leading to decison making
Control business in real time
Structured with BI tools decision


Support through emails, phone call, chatbox
Quick and responsive
Comprehensive training

Free Upgrades

Lifetime frequent upgrades
Ahead of competitors
Light to use

General questions.

Do not hesitate for any questions

Do we need to install SW on our computer and have data backups?

No installation required. FRIDAY is a SAAS platform totally hosted on the cloud. Your data too is backed up on the cloud.

Do we need to worry about hosting and upgrades?

FRIDAY will provide all hosting services and will provide regular upgrades for the upkeep of the platform.

Do I have to worry about my data storage?

FRIDAY stores all your business data on the cloud with reputed cloud platforms.

Is my business data shared?

No, each business has access to only its members and their data.

How much customization can we do?

FRIDAY will try to accommodate your needs, it will also consult with you on best practices.

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