Operations Automated, Focus on Member Management and Growth




MANAGEMENT - frustrated with Operations and Silo systems

  • Loss of productivity with operational drudgery - Silo systems
  • Member engagement: tough with telephones, emails and WhatsApp
  • Feedback and communications messy and uncoordinated
  • Frustrating Scheduling - booking management manual/ telephone based

MEMBERS - no sense of community; challenging legacy systems

  • Technology available and still have no control of schedules
  • Scheduling not very flexible
  • Not aware of events and price deals
  • Interest groups make use of WhatsApp, Facebook: not very inconvenient
  • Feedback tough
  • No closed loop with attendance and payments

Benefits of Friday.Life

Member Management

Scheduling with reminders
Last Minute Cancellations minimized


Easy and intuitive
Notifications instant
Cost effective

Continuous Members Engagement

Relationship maintained
Promotions more effective

Growth Profits

Member Retention Improves
Productivity increases


Elise van Stolk, Resident

Sommerville Park

Nita Jhaveri, Council Member of Management Committee

Sommerville Park

Samuel Lim, Council Member of Management Committee,

Sommerville Park

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